Plant a Tree. Plant a Future.

TreesCO2 was founded in 2016 as a Canadian Non-Profit Organization. Our goal is to inspire the world to plant trees and learn lots about trees.


Trees Planted

We invite you to join us in our reforestation mission to help offset climate change.                                                            

TreesCO2 Awards

2018 WE Get Doing Award, Me to We

2018 Environmental Stewardship Certificate, Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

2017 Co-Ambassadors Green Leaf Challenge, Ontario’s 150th Birthday, 3 Million Trees, Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and Forests Ontario

2017 White Pine Award for Forestry Education and Awareness, Forests Ontario

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TreesCO2 Ice Cream is tree themed flavoured organic and locally produced ice cream. Each container makes an impact as all profits go towards reforestation and conservation initiatives. TreesCO2 ice cream is homemade, organic and locally produced. Our flavours are Maple, Birch Bark (Vanilla-Cinnamon) and Green Leaf. Each flavour has between 4 and 6 ingredients.


Please contact us at if you have any question or comments. We would love to have your feed back.