The Global Forest Project: Strength-Based Climate Collaboration
The Global Forest Project (“GFP”) is a TreesCO2 proposal in collaboration with the UN Nature-Based Solutions Workstream. The GFP is a strength-based collaborative solution to plant 1,000 trees for each of the world’s 1.2 billion youth aged 15-24. Planting 1,000 trees for each youth ensures that the UN supported trillion trees goal is met, planting youth’s future.

TreesCO2 was founded to inspire the world to plant trees through action and education. Our launch goal was to plant 1,000 trees and to learn what is involved in growing a forest. This endeavour gave us a Big Idea. What if there were 1,000 trees planted for each of the world’s youth?

The GFP is inspired by youth’s example of unprecedented collaboration, driven by the digital era. We collaborate according to our strengths and interests, sharing, posting, messaging and retweeting to create global impact. Our strength-based collaboration skills are the world’s best chance to win the race against climate change. The GFP invites all countries, governments, organizations, and individuals to contribute according to their strengths such as forest hosting, financing or human talent including labour, project management or research.

TreesCO2, on behalf of all youth, issues a call to global leaders to follow youth’s lead and collaborate across geographic, economic, political, religious and language boundaries.

See more about the GFP on the United Nations Environment Website, under Nature Based Solutions proposal #85: