1. Trowel/shovel
  2. Wood chips/ mulch
  3. Buckets
  4. Water
  5. Trees

Bare Root Planting

First, put your trees in a bucket full of water. At the designated planting area, put your shovel in the ground twice making an “L” shape. Then, as if you were going to make a triangle, from the back you scoop the soil out.

Next, untangle the roots of your tree. Place the tree in the 90 degree angle part of our triangular, making sure that no branches are below the ground level and no roots above ground level. Then cover the hole with dirt.

To insure there are no air pockets in the ground, stomp on the dirt around the tree. To make sure your tree is planted correctly tug on it lightly. If the ground around the roots starts to crack then keep stomping, if not you can move on. Add some water to the dirt if it is not raining.  Put some wood chips around the base of your tree.

Planting From Pots

First dig a hole that is the same size of the pot only a bit deeper. Now put the palm of your hand around the pot. This will make it possible to take the trees out of the pot without you ripping out any roots. Once you think your tree can come out, lay it on it’s side and gently slide the pot off. After that put one hand on the bottom of the tree and your fore and middle finger between the trees and flip it right side up. Now you can place it in the hole. Now fill in any gaps with your excess dirt. If the trees and its soil are above ground level take it out and dig the hole a bit deeper. If not you may give the trees some water. Then put some mulch/wood chips around the tree’s base. You should do this because your grass or other plants could grow faster then the tree and grow over top of it therefore killing it.


  1. Enough space for each tree to have three steps in between

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